Standard BASIC
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          Programming in palm size anywhere
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          BackGround Screen composition     file system      School Mathematics

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Manual for printing out.
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          Update info: 
             Equipped with a new screen key input system 'Up shift input'.
             If you flick upwards, the symbol character will be input.

             Support Multilingual manual. ( Download page. ) (english)

             ver44.7 Refactoring.
             Powered by 'Basic Server System'.
             It became possible that upload & download of programs.
             Menu > Load > Basic Server System > Help button
             Please see the server system manual here.
             *If there is key misalignment, please select Setting > Key adjust type '0.Android9 and earlier','1.Android10 or later'.
             *For first time user.
              In the case of Chinese tablet, operations check is recommended by 'Free version'.

           Add: Mathematics function of school textbook.
                 fcal : f(x) Calculation of formula-x    sigma: Ii?! Sum of number sequence
                 deriv$:Differential(derivative)    diff : Differential coefficient
                 intgr: Integral    dint : Definite integral
                 perm : Permutation    comb : Combination
                 root : n-th Root  prime:   Prime number
                 gcd  : Greatest common divisor    lcm  : Least common multiple
          Introduction of feature.
                Time reservation execution. (c.f. run)
                Bluetooth, Camera, Media and more...
                Controllable at arbitrary time.
           Graphic materials
                add: Mahjong,Chess,Shogi materials.
           Generic name 'MC-Basic' for each platform.

        The convenient function of Basic for Android .
         -Variable table function.
          Can be viewing the list of variables.
          It is also possible to change the contents during execution.
         -Step execution mode
          It is debug mode that can be performed while checking per 1 command.
          It can be used in combination with the variable table function.
         -C language conversion saving function.
          Basic sauce can be changed into the C language and can save.
         -High-speed processing.
          It have  processing speed of more than 10 times than the most numerous basic-app.
         -Regular expression.
          Regular expression that was laborious at JAVA,
          it Can be easily used on a console.
         -Execution of External application.
          An external application can be started in the timing of hope. 
         -Pop-up help function and Auxiliary input function.
          Command help can be checked on the spot with spelling input assistance.
         -calc () function.
          The contents of the character string can be made to calculate as a formula.
          The character formula will be able to use all of the variables and functions.
         -dir$() function.
          The information on the existing file is acquirable. 
         -Save and Load function of the array variable.
          Large quantity binary data can be easily dealt with like the C language.
         -Implemented school mathematics functions.
           f(x), a?a??, Calculus, etc.
         -OpenGL support.
          High speed drawing mode.
         -Key skin picture.
          Enjoy programming with favorite image background.

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