Changes: Specified method of 'put@' [drawing mode] numbering.
    Specifying [drawing mode] have been unified to 'PorterDuff' method.
    Abundant compositing are possible.
    PUT@(x1,y1),w1,h1,(x2,y2)[,[w2],[h2][,drawing mode]]

    First of all, concisely describe only rewrite part.
    'PUT@' last parameter,
    [drawing mode] 2,3->1, 4->2 Rewriting is required.
    [get@,put@][drawing mode] are specified by 'pen' command.
    pen ,[PorterDuff-drawing mode]
    Please see the manual[pen, put@] for details.

    From here, describe the details of the changes
     to work correctly with new methods.
    To specify [drawing mode] with 'pen' command in advance.

     [old] put@(,),,,(,),,,0 [or unspecified]
     [new] pen ,3:put@(,),,,(,),,,0
     [old] put@(,),,,(,),,,1
     [new] pen ,3:put@(,),,,(,),,,1
    drawing=2 (or 3)
     [old] put@(,),,,(,),,,2 [or 3]
     [new] pen ,1:put@(,),,,(,),,,1
     [old] put@(,),,,(,),,,4
     [new] pen ,1:put@(,),,,(,),,,2

    Since it also affect 'get@',
     it is better to return to 'pen ,1'(default) after use.
    If you are not sure about [changes:put@-mode], please contact us by email.


 [Features] Graphic data is pulled out from graphic buffer to graphic screen.

 [Format] PUT@(x1,y1),w1,h1,(x2,y2)[,[w2],[h2][,mode]]

    PUT@ Statement is drawn from Graphic buffer(2nd_Coordinate) to Graphic screen(1st_Coordinate).
    w1,w2=width size    h1,h2=height size
    When mutual size is different, it is drawn by scaling.
    Drawing mode can be chosen by specifying 'mode'.
    The compositing method can be set with 'pen' command.
     0. From Graphic buffer to Graphic screen.
     1. From Graphic screen to Graphic screen.
     2. From Graphic buffer to Graphic buffer.

  put@(0,0),32,32,(64,64),16,16  :'zoom x2


 [Features] Pensize for drawing is set up.

 [Format] PEN [pensize][,drawing mode]

    [pensize] Pen size is set up.
    The larger the value becomes, the width of the pen will also be large.
    Drawing: [ PSET,LINE,LINE B,CIRCLE ] be affected.

    [drawing mode]
    In the drawing mode called 'PorterDuff',
     to select compositing method for Source-image and Destination-image.
    Drawing: [ GET@ PUT@ ] be affected.
    Please see this official explanation for details of 'PorterDuff'.
    There are other more intelligible information so,
     to be recommended to search by 'PorterDuff'.

    To specify a number from 0 to 17 from the following.
     0.CLEAR        1.SRC            2.DST          3.SRC_OVER
     4.DST_OVER 5.SRC_IN      6.DST_IN   7.SRC_OUT
     8.DST_OUT   9.SRC_ATOP 10.DST_ATOP 11.XOR
     12.DARKEN  13.LIGHTEN  14.ADD     15.MULTIPLY
     16.SCREEN   17.OVERLAY

    It's processed including alpha value.
    Basically, color0-black is treated as transparent.
    There are many types, it specify 1(default) or 3 in usual use.

    To introduce some typical ones that degree of use is high.
    Source-image is drawn as it is.
    Drawing that overlap from above.
    Drawing that use 'XOR' of logical operations.
    Drawing that use 'OR' of logical operations.
    Drawing that use 'AND' of logical operations.

     pen 8
     pen ,3