Please use them after updating to the latest version of the app.
Version after 3.88 is required for generation of '.bin' file.

The tower of Hanoi.


load ""

Background graphics editer.


Latest version. Ver 2.1
load ""
Material support.

Action sample.

dg1.png (Graphic buffer parts)
dm1.dat (bg data: scale 4x4)

Sample   MAZE.

load ""

Bluetooth Chat.

load ""

Each terminals are necessary to make the pairing first once.
Select 1.Server, 2.Client for each devices.
First executed(select) to Server(accept). 

Bluetooth file transceiver.

load ""

The procedure until connection is same as Bluetooth Chat.
Since the selection dialog [Transmission],[Receive] appear,
please select whether Transmission or Receive to each.
The Receiving side will appear Save filename input dialog.
The Transmission side will appear file select dialog to send.
File type [bas,txt,sql]
First, to decide about receiving side,
 and touch the transmission side file.
Data is sent in the form of line + entercode chr$(13).
The receiving side judgment that transmission has been completed
 when there is no receive for 1 second from last receive data
 ,and it close file.
(It be saved with the file name of receiving)

Sample   Mandelbrot set.

load ""

Sample  Shooting.

stb1.dat (bg data: scale 2x16)

This archive doesn't include BGM file.
Even if there isn't "stgbgm1.ogg", it move.

Spline curve function.

load ""

The necessary them are Global variable definition part(line100~120)
 and Function definition part(line250~end).
There are 3 functions, spline(), drawsp(), coef().

At line 130~230, number of coordinates set to 'slpn',
 and coordinates data set to 'spx(),spy()',
 and calling by 'cf=spline()', it is drawn.

The sauce which is here can be used changing it freely on This Basic.
Change and distribution are possible. (Permission needlessness)