Basic Upload Server System Manual.

We have prepared a server that allows you to upload and download Basic-programs.
You can use it from within the app.
Please use it on the vertical screen.

You can upload multiple files, including programs, data files, image data, and music data, together.
The files must be placed in a single folder, and subfolders cannot be used.
About Upload-folder, please it place to under default current folder.
When downloaded, a folder with the same name as the upload folder will be created and saved.

Regarding each file, one of the ".bas" or ".bin" files is required for uploading and downloading.
In addition to the usual Basic-program files ".bas",
 it is also possible to upload in executable file format with ".bin".
This is used when you want to upload the contents of the program list without disclosing them.

Then, a text file for program explanation is required.
Please prepare explanatory text file with the name "abman01.txt".
It will be displayed in the main explanation frame when you tap the program list.
This file will be downloaded together with the program.

In addition to the main explanation frame, an introduction image frame will also be displayed.
This will be displayed if you prepare an image with the name "abpic01.jpg".
Please use the title screen or introduction screenshot.
The image size is arbitrary, but please prepare an image that is close to a square because it will be displayed as a square.
This image file is not required, but if it is not prepared, the image frame will not be displayed.
Other files, such as ".dat" and ".csv", can be included freely regardless of the extension.

For ".png", ".jpeg", and "*.ogg" files, they are specially processed and uploaded in a format that can only be displayed or played in Basic-app.
This is a format that can only be reproduced with Basic-app's 'GLOAD' and 'PLAY' commands and cannot be reproduced with other OS image viewers or music players.
This is a mechanism to prevent exposure of resource files.

Regarding the handling of uploaded programs, please consider them to be the same as freeware.
In particular, if you want to retain the copyright, please indicate this in the description.
If you have any thoughts on secondary use, please write about the handling in the description.

Images and music can use free materials.
Please follow the terms of the copyright owner regarding handling and rights notation.

The language of the text can be in your own language,
 but since the same screen will be visible in all countries,
 providing a simple English translation in the upper or lower part will broaden the user base.
If any changes are deemed necessary to the description, the management may make partial modifications.

Due to security reasons, continuous upload is not possible.
There are some regulations.

The maximum number of files is 64.
Uploading is limited to once per day.
The case of delete it, re-uploaded possible.
The maximum file size is normally 512KB, but for "*.ogg" files, it is 2MB.
The image files("png","jpg","jpeg") are up to 1MB.


<Download Screen>

-Program List-
It is displayed on the upper left of the screen.
Scroll up and down to view the list.
When you tap on a program in the list, the description will be displayed in the lower section.
An image of the program will also be displayed on the right-hand side.
Programs created with Basic full-version are displayed in square brackets like [folder name].
Since this uses Sprite or Extensions, it can only work properly with full-version.
Programs created with free-version(-F) are displayed in parentheses like (folder name).
It can work with both free and full versions.
If you press [Random>Descend] at the bottom of the list,
 the display will change in order of newest upload.

When a program is selected, tapping this button will download the program onto the device.
The program folder will be created in the current folder and the program will be downloaded there.
Since when download 'bin' type format, "*.bas" files are not shown in the 'Load' dialog at run time,
 when executing, after moving to the folder, confirm the file name of 'bin' with the 'files' command,
 and execute it with (run"filename.bin").

Close the download screen and return to the program editing screen.

Move to the 'Upload' screen for uploading.

When a your-created program is selected, tapping this button will enter the 'Delete' mode for deleting the program.
After entering the correct key, pressing [Delete] button again will delete the corresponding program from the server.

<Upload Screen>

Input Fields

Enter the uploader's nickname. Up to 16 characters.
It will be displayed below the description section.
If the author wants to include contact information, such as an email address,
 it can be included in the description text"abman01.txt".

Enter the program name. Up to 24 characters.

The list of folders under the current folder will be displayed by dialog.
Please select the folder to upload, and press 'select'.
At this time, the file list is also displayed, but please don't select any file.
The folder name selected at this time will be displayed in the program list as it is,
 so please use a folder name that represents the program itself.
Be sure to confirm that the folder name is correct before pressing the 'Upload' button.

-Delete Key-
Enter a 4-8 character alphanumeric Delete key.
Be sure to save the key.
If it is forgotten, contact the administration by email.

Press this button after entering all required information to complete the upload.
If uploading fails with double-byte characters file/folder names,
 please change them to single-byte characters.

Interrupt the upload and close the 'Upload' screen to return to the program editing screen.