Operation Tips:

    'Basic for Android' is designed so that programs can be easily edited on smartphone.
    Here are some points that will greatly improve operability just by knowing.

    To move the cursor, use the direction-touch on the entire edit screen.


    Scroll the list up/down is performed at the right end touch of screen.
    Symbol characters are entered by key long push.

    [To want to clear all text and graphic screens]
    Long-press 'cls'-key twice.

    [During editing, to want to move the cursor to the left edge]
    Push 'stop'-key onece.

    Copy and paste
    Place the cursor at the first position of the string to want to copy, push Fn-key once.
    And move the cursor to the end of the copy string,
    push the Fn key to copy the range.
    Place the cursor on the paste destination, 
    push Fn-key > Space-key then paste.

    [To want to insert a line in the list]
    At the position you want to insert(Cursor left edge),
    Push 'Fn'-key, and next push 'Enter'-key.
    then A line is inserted.

    1250 print 10
    1260 print 20
    1270 print 30
    -Push 'Fn', 'Enter' at left position of 1260.
    1250 print 10
    1260 print 20
    1270 print 30
    -Look like this (automatic generation of line number)
     and input command(e.g. print 15), push 'Enter'.
    1250 print 10
    1260 print 15
    1270 print 20
    1280 print 30
    The line inserted like this, and automatically renumbered.

    Function and Label jump destination list display.
    During editting, when want to edit another label or User-Function,
    Right-flick the screen to display list of User-Functions and labels.
    Displayed like this. Tap the name you want to edit,
    The edit position jumps to that location.
    This is useful when editing long programs.

    When using external Bluetooth keyboard
    Because assignment of symbol keys are scattering by manufacturer,
     please use it after setting up key assignment by 'KeyAssign'.

    After learning  basically operations,
     please load the samples in 'sample' folder and execute it.
    For example, the sensor sample program is named "smp_sensor.bas".
    (It is described in the reference of manual)

    [When it appears there is problem related of display/operation/storage]
    There is also the possibility of a device-dependent problem.
    First of all, please try the behavior on second machine.
    If the behavior is still the same, please contact us by E-mail.