2018/06/26  version 275

 With the 'touch(n)' Multi-touch support
 About changes of the correspondence table of 'n'

 There are need to change the number of 'n' in list.

 The concise notice of change points are as follows.
   Touch detection: touch(2)>0 -> touch(0)>0
   Coordinates: x=touch(0) -> x=touch(4)  y=touch(1) -> y=touch(5)
   To change 'sp_print' to 'sp_print2'.


 It is correspondence table before version274.
   n=0 The value of touched x.
   n=1 The value of touched y.
   n=2 The number of the present touches. on=1 or more.  off=0.
   n=3 The value of movement of flick x.
   n=4 The value of movement of flick y.

 Changed as follows.
   n=0 The number of the present touches. on=1 or more.  off=0.
   n=1 Movement of flick X. (No.1)
   n=2 Movement of flick Y. (No.1)
   n=3 Touch No.1 ID.
   n=4 No.1 X coordinate.
   n=5 No.1 Y coordinate.
  Below, each 3 are increasing with the number of the multi-touch.
   n=6 Touch No.2 ID.
   n=7 No.2 X coordinate.
   n=8 No.2 Y coordinate.

 Please change 'touch(n)'-[number of n] in list to the corresponding one.

 The included sample program has also been changed to new number.

 For multi-touch usage examples, please refer to the following sample program.
    2 points multiple touch that distinguish by left and right separation.(ID unused)
    4 points more multiple touch that distinguish by touch-ID.

 And also, please use the latest, 'bin-file' and Runtime.

 About new 'sp_print'

  Although not used command so much,
  'sp_print' became new command to directly write text in buffer, and display.
  New: SP_PRINT pt,"string",x,y[,fontsize]
  Old: SP_PRINT ["string"],[x],[y],[spn][,bgn]
  The old type 'sp_print' can be used as 'sp_print2' for a while.
  (If want to temporarily use old type 'sp_print',
   please rewrite to 'sp_print2' in list)
  Please use the new 'sp_print' for displaying text on sprite.
  Overlapping function 'bg_print' will be abolished in the future.
  New 'sp_print' is possible to use it like text display window by one sheet sprite.
  For details of new 'sp_print', please see the manual.

  SP_PRINT2    old type  usage

  [Features]a??To assist displaying string & number by sprite.

  [Format]a??SP_PRINT2 ["str"], [x], [y], [spn] [,bgn]

    It is mainly used, when displaying information in OpenGL mode.
    "strings" - to specify the string for displaying.
    x,y - to specify the coordinates for displaying.

    At first, when [bgn] is specified, character font is drawn its place of graphic buffer.
    The 8x8 pixels font of the buffer, it's applied to 1 character 1 sprite, and it's displaied.
    The value of [bgn] is the same as the specified method of BG parts number.
    16x16 pixels as one part, 
    [bgn] value = BG Horizontal position(0~) + BG Vertical position(0~) x256.
    (e.g. In the case of [bgn]=258, Drawing start position=coordinates[x32,y16])

    The font: 59 characters from ASCII code 32 to 90 by 30x2 arrangement,
    It's drawn in the buffer as the size of 240x16 pixels.
    (Former data in this area in the buffer is destroyed)
    It have to specify the drawing location so that
     entire font may be fitted into the buffer size.

    As image, it will be drawn in this way.
    Able to use only these symbols. All alphabets will be uppercase.

    Specification of [bgn] is only once at the beginning,
     it's possible to omit after that.
    Also, by rewritting this part of buffer to the original font and pictogram,
     original unique indication is made possible.

    [spn] - to specify using start number of sprite.
    Sprite is consume only as the number of display characters.
    (e.g. sp_print "abcd",,,200 -> [200,201,202,203] four sprites are used)
    Used sprites become automatic in the state of 'sp_on 1'.
    Although small font, it is expanded in synchronization
     with the magnification of 'bg_view ,,,,x'.

    When the value of [spn] is same as the specified value of last time,
     and the length of string is shorter than last time,
     the rest of the display garbage, it's filled with space characters automatically.
    (The character remaining prevention function)
    It's possible to display plural strings at the same time
     by changing the value of [spn] & coordinate.

    10 cls:bg_view 0,0,256,256,2
    20 sp_print2 ,,,,512
    30 sp_print2 "SCORE-12000",100,0