Program save, load, initialization.

Well, let's save the last time program.

10 print 1+2
20 print "Hello BASIC!"

To select 'save' from menu, and input with 'test.bas' to TextBox,
 and push 'OK'button.
(It's also OK enter [ save"test.bas" ] by keyboard)

The program was saved at file "test.bas".

The next, let's erase the program.

To enter 'new', and push Enter-key.

Nothing will be displayed by 'list'.
It is in the state that program is cleared from memory.

The next, load the program.

To select 'load' from menu,
previous "test.bas" was displayed, select it.
(It's also OK enter [ load"test.bas" ] by keyboard)

10 print 1+2
20 print "Hello BASIC!"

The program was restored.

If you want see what files have been saved on the storage,
'files' + Enter-key

The list of files are displayed.