Program input and execution.

Let's input earlier command as program.
To enter number 10 for line beginning,
 and input the command, and push Enter-key last.

10 print 1+2

The result and 'OK' are not displayed this time.
These have stored in memory as a program.
This number 10 is line number.
To make  the number increase in order for adding line.

Then, let's try to run this program.
Please select 'run ,c' from menu.
(It is also OK to enter 'run' from keyboad)


The result was displayed like as last time.

Add more program, to enter as follows.

20 print "Hello BASIC!"

Let's display the program again.
Typping 'list' and Enter-key. (It can perform also from a menu)

10 print 1+2
20 print "Hello BASIC!"

The program was displayed.
(One of the ways of editing: c.f. Manual Text-touch-editing)

Next,  let's delete the line.
To input '10' (number only), and push Enter-key.

20 print "Hello BASIC!"

line'10' have disappeared.
The line is deleted at Line-numbera and Enter-key.