Graphics drawing.

Draw a straight line.


Draw a straight line from coordinates (0,0) to (100,100) on Graphic screen.

About color specification.
In the old style Basic of 8,16 colors, the color specification is like this,
but in 'Basic for Android', to convert to full color code
write as this way.

col(2) is red. The correspondence between each Color-code and Color is as follows.
0: black 1: blue 2: red 3: purple: 4: green 5: cyan 6: green 7: white
To get a brighter color, use this value plus 8.

Draw a circle


The 'circle' statement draw a circle at the specified radius[this example 80]
 at around the specified coordinates[this example at(100,200)].
The example is green circle.

Fill the enclosed area.
Let's paint inside of the previous circle.


The 'paint' statement fill the inside of the boundary from the specified coordinates.
In this example, the inside of the circle are filled in blue.