Using Array variable. (dimension)

There are many data in table,
there are times that we'd like to use variable assign the number,
in BASIC, by making Array variable by 'DIM' command,
to be able to assign number to variable.

10 dim dt(10)
20 for i=0 to 9
30 read dt(i)
40 next
50 data 67,18,73,34,68
60 data 47,29,84,93,10
70 max=0
80 for i=0 to 9
90 if dt(i)>max then max=dt(i)
100 next
110 print "MAX=";max


First, to prepare array by 'DiM' command that name 'dt', size=10.
'READ' is command that read the data described by 'DATA' in order.
'DATA' statement may be described anywhere in the program.
It be substituted into 'dt' number from 0 to 10 in order.
The next loop, 'dt' be read in order, and looked for which the maximum is.
Finally to display the result.