The processing used repeatedly is prepared as subroutine,
and be able to call.

Line 60~80 is subroutine, and called 'gosub 60'

This is subroutine separating 'a' to integer and decimal, and display.
It is back by 'RETURN' command to the next position of 'GOSUB' command.

10 a=577.014:gosub 60
20 a=176.368:gosub 60
30 a=380.682:gosub 60
40 end
50 'separating to integer and decimal,and display
60 b=int(a)
70 print a;"  Integer=";b;"  decimal=";a-b
80 return

 577.014   Integer= 577   Decimal= 0.014
 176.368   Integer= 176   Decimal= 0.368
 380.682   Integer= 380   Decimal= 0.682


'int(a)' is function that it return value cutting off the decimal.
Other, there are several kind function.

see also line 50

In program,
There are times that we'd like to annotate(Remark), what processing is this.

50 'separating to integer and decimal,and display
In this way, it be able to write REMARK(note) after (').

The sentence of REMARK is not executed,
and it doesn't result in an error.