Direct command

To start BASIC, and Software keyboard appear.
Let's type in the characters.
In the input, to press Enter-key at the end.

print 1+2

The results [1+2=3] was displayed.
This is called 'Direct mode'.
The underline which is moving by input is called cursor,
 it has becomes the mark to input a character into this position.

This 'print' is the command to display specified number (Calculation result)
 or characters in the text screen.
'print' statement can also be replaced and written with '?', like this '? 1+2'.

Let's display the character string.

print "Hello BASIC!"
Hello BASIC!

When dealing with characters, in this way,
 to enclosure characters in double quotation (symbol "").
When want to enter symbols, to long push key which key top is that symbol.

Let's correct the word.
To let cursor move to the right edge of word 'Hello BASIC!' with the arrow keys,
 and push BS-key several times until word-'BASIC!' disappear.
And enter word 'Android'.

print "Hello Android"
Hello Android

In this way, it's possible to edit on the screen.
Since screen has been disordered a little,
 let's long push key written as 'cls' on the upper part,
Screen was cleared, and all characters were erased.