[Features] To play music by the specified file.

 [Format] PLAY ["filename1"][,"filename2"][,"filename3"]

    The three have a different meaning, respectively.
    "filename1" play BGM in channel 0.
    Support: ".ogg" ".wav" ".mp3" ".mid" files.

    "filename2" play it is assigned automatically to Each channel.
    It is used for the multiplex play of sound effect etc.
    (About 6 seconds maximum value. The maximums differ depending on the model.)
    And will be used it is loaded into memory, continuous performance is possible without delay.
    Support: ".ogg" ".wav" ".mp3" files.
    The ".mp3" file is not recommended, because
     it may be unable to be used in the sound effects depending on the model.

    "filename3" is the same channel 0 as "filename1",
    after a play finishes, loop play is carried out automatically.
    PLAY "" - NullString specification will stop the music(channel 0).

    play "sample.wav"


 [Features] To get the play state of the channel 0.

 [Format] PLAY(n)

    play=1  stop=0



 [Features] To sound beep.





 [Features] Android talks by specified "word" by voice synthesis.

 [Format] TALK "word"

    It is required Android standard voice data TTS(TextToSpeech).
    The model which isn't contained, it is necessary to install manually beforehand.
    (Android3.x 4.x 3.x)
    - Home Setting>Language&Input>Text-to-speech output>
    And choose 'Google Text-to-speech Engine'(right edge)
    If voice data of the language to be used is not contained in the terminal,
    choose 'Install voice data', and choose Language, and download the data.
    - Home Setting>Voice input&output>Text-to-speech setting>Install voice data
     and moves to 'Google Play', and advances download.

    Setup 'Default Engine', and Select the language to be used in the item'language'.
    'TALK' statement might be available in the above settings.
    For Japanese, the voice data 'N2 TTS' can be used.  c.f. Japanese manual.

    talk "Hello android world."


 [Features] 'TALK' statement is set up.

 [Format] EX_TALK ["language"] [,voicepitch] [,speed]

    "language": Language Select.
    Support Language
    You can also specify whether American English or British English in the "US","UK".
    The voice pitch can be set up.
    Range(0.1~2.0) Normal=1.
    It becomes higher so that it is larger.
    The Speaking speed can be set up.
    Range(0.1~2.0) Normal=1.
    It becomes slowly so that it is larger.

    ex_talk "ENGLISH",, 1.2