In Android6.0~9.0, on startup,
  The permissions dialog is appeared to ask whether to allow save on SD-card.
  When using external SD-card for save,
  Please select 'Allow'.


  run ,i    Interpreter mode
  Debugging by step execution can be performed.
  Although not speedy but error output will be natural and accurate.

  run ,c    Intermediate code compile execution  mode
  It changes into an original intermediate code, and executes at high speed.
  When a switch is omitted, it becomes intermediate code compile mode. 

  Free area (flexible)
  Although user memory which can be used by program list is
   set as quantity sufficient by default, even if it exceed this value,
   it is in system that upper limit goes up automatically in the model's capacity range.
  The user memory size of variable and arrangement can be re-set up in the 'clear' statement.


  [Arrow-keys]  Movement of a cursor. The cursor can move also at touch panel.
  [Enter]  Determination of an input. The input of a program. Direct command.
  [Stop]  Interruption of the program.
  [Space]  Erase a character by space.< br> [Bs] Backspaceanderasingonecharacter.<br> [Del]Immobilitypositionanderasingonecharacter.<br> [Cls] Erasesalloftheeditingarea.(Textcolor=White,Text=on,BG=off,loop music stop)
      2 consecutive push, (Graphic screen clear & Sprite=off)
  [Ins]  It will be in character insert mode.(defaults to 'Ins' locked state)

  It can enter the characters at the top of the key by pressing and holding.
  (It can enter even after pressing the 'Alt' key)
  Uppercase letters can be entered after pressing the 'Shift' key.
  The (Shift,Alt)key is set by push once and it is canceled with the key to one next.
  If (Shift,Alt) is pushed twice, it will be lock state,
   and if it pushes once again, lock will be canceled. 

 Grammar, Edit

  The input of program.
  Linenumber Command Parameter [enter]
   100 print "parameter" [enter]

  Between Command and Parameter, one space is necessary.
  The case that Parameter start Brackets or Double-quotation,
  it shall not apply to.(omittable)

  Capital letter and small letter can use commands.
  Displayed list is revisable. Determined by the Enter key.

  When there is no line number, it becomes a direct command.
  'Direct command' instruction is executed immediately.

  Colon':' is used for a pause of a multiple statement.
  Comma',' is used for a pause of a parameter.

   box(5,2)=7:print a,b

  Deletion of a line is Enter only line number.
   100 [enter]


  Line number is used when specifying a jump point.
  Moreover, the jump point can also specify by label, all case.(including on~goto,gosub)
  The label is attached ':' at the end.
   100 label:
   110 input a$
   120 print a$
   130 goto label: 

  Another style label can also be used.
  The label is attached '*' to the top.
   100 *label
   130 goto *label
  ver 3.15
   Pocket computer type "label" by double quotation available.

 Constant, Variable

  The constant used is a real number type and a character type.
  Character type is enclosed by double-quotation("").

  Real number, Variable type:
  double (64bit Floating-point type)
  Significant figures: 15 digits of precision.

  The variable is like a box it can put in and out the data.
  The character variable name is attached '$' at the end.
  e.g.  st$
  The variable is automatically defined, when it appears first.
  Substitution is used '='.
  e.g.  ab=64

  There are two scope area.
  The variable defined by the usual global scope can be referred to on the whole.
  The variable which appeared by the inner side of the function is defined as a local variable.
  The local variable can be referred to only within the function definition.
  The variable name, the capital letter and the small letter are distinguished from another variable.
  Please also read "[func]statement-Notes of global variable definition position."
   10 no=5 : name$="tree" : 'global
   20 func test(f)
   30  d=f+no : ' f,d local
   40 endfunc d

  Array variable
  Array variable is a variable which can attach a number and treat to a lot of data.
  A multidimensional array can be treated.
  Array variable also have global scope and local scope.
   10 dim no(20), a$(20)  : ' The range 0-19
   20 dim box(80,60)  : ' Multidimensional array


  Arithmetic operation
  Order of priority.
  [ ^ ] (e.g. 2^8)       Exponentiation
  [ - ] (e.g. -16)       MinusSign
  [* /] (e.g. 5*2 10/3)  Multiplication, Division
  [ \ ] (e.g. 10\3)      Integer division
  [mod] (e.g. 10 mod 3)  Surplus
  [+ -] (e.g. 12+4 20-2) Addition, Subtraction
  Priority can be given to calculation by enclosing in a parenthesis.
  print 5*(4+6)

  Relational operation
  The relational operators get a value (true:-1 or false:0) by comparing the two values.
  It is used for the conditional judgment of 'IF' statement, etc.
  [A=B]  A Equal B
  [A<>B] A Not equal B (><)Notation allowed.
  [A<B]  A Small
  [A>B]  A Large
  [A<=B] less than B (=<)Notation allowed.
  [A>=B] more than B (=>)Notation allowed.
  10 a=15
  20 if a>10 then print "large"

  Logical operation
  After being transposed to an integer, operation of a bit unit is performed.
  The example below is expressed in binary.
  Order of priority.

  NOT 0101 -> 1010
  0011 AND 0101 -> 0001
  0011 OR  0101 -> 0111
  0011 XOR 0101 -> 0110
  0011 INP 0101 -> 1101
  0011 EQV 0101 -> 1001
  10 a=val("&b1010")
  20 b=val("&b1100")
  30 c=a and b
  40 d=a or b
  50 print "and ";bin$(c)
  60 print "or  ";bin$(d)
  and 1000
  or  1110

  Bit shift operation
  To shift binary digits left or right.
  00010100<<2 -> 01010000
  00010100>>2 -> 00000101
  10 a=val("&b1010")
  20 b=a>>1
  30 c=a<<2
  40 print "1010>>1 ";bin$(b)
  50 print "1010<<2 ";bin$(c)
  1010>>1 101
  1010<<2 101000

  Compound assignment operator
  To calculate for variable and the value is substituted for itself.
  Format: ValueName+=Numeric or formula
  As calculation type, able to use the four arithmetic operations.
   a+=1 a-=1 a*=1 a/=1
  It can be used in array variable.
  e.g.  5 is added to variable a.
  10 a=2
  20 a+=5
  30 print a
  e.g.  Value b*2+1 is added to array variable dt(5,7).

  Operation of a character string.
  To distinguish whether a character string is equal.
  True(-1) or false(0) is returned.
  "ABC"="ABC"    Equal
  "ABC"<>"AB12"    Not equal

  Comparison by inequality. < >
  "ABC"<"ABC"  two data-equal so, result: 0(false)
  "ABC1">"ABC"  a lot character is larger so, result: -1(true)
  "ABD">"ABC"  character code large is larger so, result: -1(true)

  Connect of character string.
  It can be by '+'.
  10 a$="ABC"+"123"
  20 print a$

 Built-in function

  It calculates in how to have decided the given value, and returns the value.
   10 a=sin(3.14/2)
   20 print sqr(8)

 The priority of operation

  1. The formula enclosed in the parenthesis.
  2. Functions.
  3. Exponentiation.
  4. MinusSign.
  5. Four arithmetic operations.
  6. Bit shift operation.
  7. Relational operations.
  8. Logical operations. 

 User function

  A user function can be defined and called.
  A function definition can be placement anywhere.
  '$' is attached when dealing with a string with a return value, index.
  The variable which appeared by the inner side of the function is defined as a local variable.
  It is called in this form. [ f=pow(8,4) ]
  A return value can be written after 'ENDFUNC'.(optional).
   10 f=pow(8,4)
   20 print f
   30 func pow(a,b)
   40  c=a^b
   50 endfunc c

 Extension command

  As for Extended command of Android control relationships,
   the type is distinguished by the first two characters+underline.
    EX_  Android control extension.
    SP_  Sprite.
    BG_  BG graphics.
    BT_  Bluetooth.
    RE_  Regular expression.
    UI_  Android user interface.

 File system

  There are two basic current-folder to handle the file, the next.

  Specifying SD card side:
   /mnt/sdcard/    Android4.4
   /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/and.bas/files/    Android10
  Startup subpath(followed behind the current-folder)
   and.bas/    Android4.4
   Android10 or later: The initial subpath is null.

  Specifying main storage side:
   /data/data/and.bas/    Android4.4
   /data/user/0/and.bas/files/    Android10
  Startup subpath(followed behind the current-folder)
   files/    Android4.4
   Android10 or later: The initial subpath is null.

  When specifying SD card side and start-up,
  usually, it start from here.(and.bas/ is subpath)
   /mnt/sdcard/and.bas/    Android4.4
   /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/and.bas/files/    Android10以降の場合
  (It may be different depending on the model, but most models will be in this location)
  *The 'and.bas' part of the pathname become 'and.baf' in [-F version] and '' in [Runtime].

  A part of this subpath can move by 'chdir' command.
   but can not go up to upper than current-folder.

  The 'mkdir' command can create a new folder.

  Key-assign state is saved main storage side.
  The current folder name can be acquired in 'curdir$()'.

  Save & load by command.

  When the head start with "/", it mean to have specified the full path.
   e.g. (the case: for Android 10 or later)
        (current folder up to ~/and.bas/files/, user created folder /my/test/)
    (just described location)
   Or it can use the 'curdir$()'[represent the current folder] as follows.
   load curdir$()+"my/test/file1.bas"

  When non "/" beginning,
  it's judged as the 'Path & File-name' that it continue in present current-folder.
   e.g. load"file1.bas"
    -> /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/and.bas/files/file1.bas  (judged as this)

  And, to refer to hierarchy upper, "../" can be used like DOS.(multiple use OK)
   e.g. If the case current folder is ~/my/test/
    -> /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/and.bas/files/my/res/file1.bas (judged as this)
   (up to upper '/my/' once, and down to 'res/')
  *The location without access permission can't be accessed.

  Android's file system is complicated because it repeats the transition of the configuration system depending on the OS version.
  [About the change of SD storage system of Android11]
  It is possible to do storage access on Android11 or later by a way as before,
   for some models that cannot be accessed,
   access method called [DOCUMENT_TREE] was prepared.
  This is a method of selecting the folders that users can use themselves.
  The models which storage is special on Android11 or later,
   when selected [Menu>Load],
   item "Set SD Access." will be appear at the top of the list.
  When this is selected, the screen [Select folder to use] will appear.
  Please select the folder to use here.
  It become the current folder containing ID[xxxx-xxxx], and accessible.
  The way to return current folder to usual mode.
  On [Select folder to use] screen, press 'Back' button twice
   to return to the 'Basic' screen.
  This will cancel [DOCUMENT_TREE] mode.
  *Restrictions on access in [DOCUMENT_TREE] method.
  This mode reduces access speed.
  By SQL access case, please use by limited to internal storage.
  Command 'CHDIR', it can change the current folder location, but,
   a path in each command cann't be 'Absolute specify' ("/storage/emulated/0/~test1.png")
   and 'Rrelative specify' ("sub/test2.png").
  Only 'Single specify' ("test1.png") is possible.
  c.f. Accessing the lower folder "sub".
  chdir "sub"
  gload "test1.png"
  chdir ".." : 'return to original position
  Please access the lower folder by such switching.

  Load by dialog (Menu>Load)
   The file list is displayed, it can be loaded by touch & selection.
   When folder(sentence-end"/") is chosen, it will be in the folder movement.
   For move to hierarchy upper, chose '..'.

  When load file, it became that it have been 'chdir' to the location automatically,
  Current-folder is transferred to that location.
  *When finish dialog by 'Cancel', load is not executed, 
  Only current-folder move by 'chdir' is done.

  When chose 'New folder', it becomes text input mode for folder-name,
  A new folder can be made.

  Save by dialog (Menu>Save)
   It can input file name and save.
   It's saved in the location of the current-folder.
   By entering the path-name at the head,
    it can specify the path following a current.

  When want to specifiey the path of the hierarchy upper,
  Please put the "../" in the head,(multiple OK)

  File deletion management:
  Program 'filedel.bas' can do file deletion work in the current folder.
  (Selected one is deleted)
  (Not empty folder cann't be deleted)
  File name can also be changed by choosing 'Rename'.


  It has various interruption functions. 

   on (interrupt type) gosub (jump point)

  [error]  When an error occurs.
  [stop]  When STOP key is pushed.
  [time$]  When the appointed time comes.
  [interval]  When an interval timer is occurred.
  [play]  When music(channel 0) performance is finished.
  [touch]  When the Panel is Touch-on or released.
  [bluetooth]  When receiving the data.


  When an interpretation is impossible and a program is interrupted,
  an error message and a line number are displayed, and returns to command level. 


  "autorun.bas" is a program first run at the time of starting.
  It is used for a setting program etc. 

 Screen mode

  This BASIC has the following four kinds of screens.
  T - Text screen.
  G - Graphic screen.
  S - Sprite screen.
  B - Back ground Graphics screen.

  A composite priority can be determined by 'PRIORITY'statement.
  The sprite of variable size can use 256 sheets.(max1024)
  In addition, it has a Graphic buffer which isn't displayed.
  It is used by Sprit and Back ground graphics.

  The size of a screen becomes a different setup depending on the Android model.
  A vertical screen or a horizontal screen follows the state at the time of starting.

 Notation Reference (The following chapter)

  Command Parameter [,Parameter]
  'Command' can be written in uppercase or lowercase.
  The parameter enclosed by [] is omissible.
  '...' can write the same parameter at the following.
  The expression enclosed in |A or B| please choose one.
  Usage has been described.
  e.g.  (Result)
  This item shows the examples and results.
  Line number may be omitted in the example.
  If there is notation of [smp_SampleProgramName.bas],
   the Program is enclosed by storage, and it can load and run.