SHARP IS01 Pocket Computerized

IS01 is reborn in high-performance BASIC!
To the new world.

Android-Basic: Free Limited release 'IS01' only version.
It doesn't work with other models of SHARP 'IS01'.
IS01: 2010 model, Android1.6, with keyboard.

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The version only for IS01 has the following differences.
-Touch input is only one point, cann't use multi-touch.
-By a virtual device, since two or more touches are also improper,
  it becomes an input from a cursor key.
-There are cases where expanded function don't work properly.
-Sufficient speed may be not get for an old model.
-As for the current folder, '/and.bas' becomes '/and.basi'.

The main functions of Android-Basic.

-User definition function.
-Automatic declaration variable-global and local.
-Block structure Flow processing.
-Variable table Editor.
-Step execution mode.
-Sprite and Background graphics function.
-SQLite, Regular expression support.
-Voice synthesis and various Expanded function.
-C language conversion save function.
-File operation and various interrupts function.

The initial setting of the keyboard is matched with notation of IS01 basically,
 please take care about the next character input.

STOP: Symbolkey[lower left3] (Don't push the search key, because Web is called in IS01)